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Meet Our Honey Milk

Our original, rich and creamy milk mixed with the natural sweetness of honey, comes to you.


Meet the Best Honey Milk in Town

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Choco Honey Milk

Smooth blend of selected cocoa with a rich chocolatey taste.

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Corn Flakes Honey Milk

Infused with the sweet and salty flavor of corn flakes.

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Oreo Cookies Honey Milk

The classic bittersweet cookies with a hint of chocolate.


Featured Service that We Provide

Premium Ingredients

We use only the best quality ingredients in our products just for you.

Free Delivery

Hassle-free. Just enjoy your day, and we'll deliver it right to your door.

No Preservatives

We care about your health. All of our products are made fresh daily with no preservatives used.


What Our Customers Say About Us

  • Gak tau kalau 🥛 + 🍯 + 🍵 jadinya se-enak ini 🤤 & gak kemanisan, plus biasanya Matcha suka ada rasa pahit, karena ini cold brew processed, gak terasa pahit sama sekali. Love it!


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  • Yang oreo enak bangeet, susu nya udah enak gituu.

    Andi Afra

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  • Wajib coba sama susu yang satu ini, dijamin nagih 🤤


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  • Semua enak banget sampe repeat order. Tapi paling favorit yang rasa premium choco nya 🥰


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  • Yang aku suka ini ga eneg sama sekali. Tapi yang regal enak banget tolong 🤤🥰 Choco enakkkkkk! 🤩


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